Tremay Electronics, Corp. as a manufacturer and marketer of the product states that all Tremay products include the following warranty periods under the current law.

  • 24 months warranty for the product.
  • 12 months warranty for accessories included in the sales or purchased separately except those stated in line 3.
  • 6 months warranty for cables, cases, batteries and chargers.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. provides warranty support through its subsidiaries and authorized distributors, to repair manufacturing defects, and to cover any problems you may encounter during this period. This period starts from the day the customer has purchased the product.

In order to use the warranty, you must submit a copy of the receipt or invoice from your retailer or dealer where you purchased the product.

Repair or replacement does not extend the warranty period. The warranty period starts on the date stated on the invoice.

The Technical Service reserves the right to replace the defective product with another product of similar characteristics, as well as the repair or replacement of one model of equal or superior characteristics.

This limited warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where you purchased the product, provided that Tremay Electronics, Corp. has given its approval for sale in this country.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. will collect and deliver the products at no cost to the end user as long as they are within the Iberian Peninsula. For those that do not meet this requirement the product will be processed at the location or dealer where the product was acquired.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. is not responsible for the data contained in the devices, memory cards, SIM or any accessory that contains no original package. The user has an obligation to eliminate and remove any data before sending it to the service center.



Tremay Electronics, Corp. is not responsible for the repair or replacement for those products that have had the following:

  • Defects or damage from falling, scratches, shock or impact.
  • Connectors or cables that have been forced or manipulated.
  • Equipment that has been tampered with.
  • Product that has not been purchased through an authorized distributor.
  • Software used other than the original provided with the product or that has been used or updated from another source other than that of our website: www.tremay.com
  • The firmware update is not for the model indicated.
  • Contains viruses.
  • Been locked under codes or access patterns generated by the user.
  • The model or serial number has been modified.
  • Damage caused by accidents, floods, fire, abnormal voltage.
  • Damage caused by the introduction of dust, liquids or other harmful elements.
  • Using a power supply or charger other than its original from Tremay.
  • Present natural wear of materials caused by use: recharge cycles presenting a natural loss of total capacity, screen, button use, connectors, cables and batteries.
  • It has been assigned to repetitive commercial or industrial use.
  • Manipulation or tampering with the warranty seal.
  • Material received without appropriate packaging for shipping.
  • Products that have been manipulated or tampered by technical personnel not authorized by Tremay Electronics, Corp.

All devices that do not comply with the Terms of Guarantee will be returned, and the user will have to pay the shipping and return costs.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. recommends that the owner of the device back up all of their data, systems, applications and software configurations.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. is not responsible in any way for the loss or destruction of part or all of the content stored on the device. Also Tremay Electronics, Corp. is not responsible for loss of productivity or loss of profits that may occur while performing the necessary procedures for technical assistance or equipment replacement.



All LCD or Tremay Electronics, Corp. panels are manufactured at a very high quality and are subject to rigorous quality controls, but because of its constructive conception LCD panels have hundreds of thousands or millions of pixels, making it very difficult to count on the international market with screens that can not contain a defect in manufacturing, however, with current levels of manufacturing quality we have screens with completely insignificant failure rates.

Our policy for defective pixel display is based on international standards for panel manufacturers in class II, being that these are the normal marketed devices for global consumption, class I are for employees for specific laboratory devices, military technology and medical equipment.

The international harmonization of class II has some very high quality standards and allows a small percentage of 0.00025% for type 1 and 2 defects, being for subpixel defects of type 3 or 0.00050%.

Types of malfunctions in pixels of LCD screens:

Type Name Issue
1 Heated Pixel It is always "on" in the color white
2 Dead Pixel It is always "off" in the color black
3 Frozen Pixel It is always "on" in the color white

Specifying the maximum type of pixels on the panels with malfunctions for class II, by the type of screen and native resolution:

Resolution Total Pixel TYPE 1: Heated TYPE 2: Dead TYPE 3: Frozen
800 x 480 384.000 1 1 2
800 x 600 480.000 1 1 2
960 x 540 518.400 1 1 2
1.024 x 600 614.400 1 1 3
1.024 x 768 786.432 2 2 4
1.280 x 720 921.600 2 2 4
1.280 x 800 1.024.000 2 2 5
1.920 x 1.080 2.073.600 3 3 6
2.048 x 1.536 3.145.728 6 6 16

All Tremay Electronics, Corp. devices that present a number of defects on the screen or above the line shown in the above table will be replaced at no charge to the user.



For all products in the cellular networks working with 850/900/1850/1900/2100 with 2G, 3G, 3G + or 4G technology with voice and data service:

The warranty coverage of our devices is based on the internal hardware and equipment and internal components, and never under the services or software offered under third party partners such as telecommunications operators, these providers are responsible for the coverage , access to cellular networks or different configurations of plans and options on your system.

Make sure before seeking our technical support services that all telecommunications user options are working well, your SIM card and your telecommunications operator.



The foregoing limited warranty is exclusive and replaces all other conditions and warranties for products and documentation. Tremay Electronics, Corp. makes guarantees no other warranty and does not express, imply, statutory or otherwise, and expressly disclaims all other warranties and conditions, including but not limited to, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability for a particular purpose and non-infringement of the products.



All electronic devices are very sophisticated products and should be used in accordance to the user manual and the safety instructions.

Tremay Electronics, Corp. is not liable for negligence and / or misuse by the user and will not be liable for any incidental, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of work capacity, consequential damages for failure or delay of using the warranty, which is directly or indirectly related to the products.

All of Tremay Electronics, Corp. responsibilities will be only with the product and are limited to a purchase price of replacement.