The company started its activity in 1994 in the technology market under the name Compucell Trading Corporation as a manufacturer of electronic equipment for various OEM brands, always giving the products the best performance with the best quality and price. A mission that was possible thanks to the merger with the best technology companies operating in various locations around the world, and our team of professionals.

In 2007 it becomes Tremay Electronics Corporation, after years of evolution and adaptation of our resources to the speed of the new market demands. We started to develop and market, plus OEM, PC and mobile solutions, new products such as tablets and smartphones, being faithful to our dynamic, modern and flexible nature to develop innovative products with quality, performance and price adapting to different markets.

The success of our product line is largely due to a strategy good quality and performance, competitive price and unique design. All Tremay products are designed in the USA and made in China with high quality materials and durability, subjected to strict quality controls. We design and develop our line of smartphones based on the major platforms on ARM SOC architecture Qualcomm, Broadcom and Mediatek manufacturers.

Each day at Tremay Electronics Corporation we do our best to continue developing products that surprise you, excite you and that you can enjoy.


In Tremay Electronics Corporation we adapt to the requirements of different regions, all approvals and certifications from various international markets in which we operate. We also sell complete kits in SKD for local manufactures in the destination country.